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Here is Gilbert's observation: Whenever the progressions to the birth chart are good, you find a good election day very easily. Whenever they are not good, you can't find a good day at all. Let me try to say that more clearly. You can find a good day to do somethin if that day occurs durin a good progression to the birth chart. The birth chart of the person who is goin to be doin the doin. The second principle I learned from Robert Jansky , God rest his soul. Robert was a good and original astrological researcher, and in my opinion he did not recieve as much attention as he deserved.

I had a "telephone relationship" with him. Here is the principle: Check the latest Solar Eclipse. Check the house that it is in. That is the house that will have the most power in your life, until the next Solar Eclipse. If the aspect to your birth chart is good, then it is a good time to do something. If not, not. Use a one-degree orb for aspects between the eclipse and your birth chart. The third principle. This principle is, you can use Solar Eclipses instead of progressions to choose a good period of time. The fourth principle comes from Sophia Mason , God rest her soul. She was very focused on mainly two things: diurnal charts and lunations.

I had a brief correspondence-relationship with her by snail mail. Eclipse is a type of lunation, and, so whatever is true for lunations is also true for eclipses, just as what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander male goose. Here is the principle: The house, occupied by the latest eclipse, is not the only thin that is activated, by the eclipse. What else is activated, you ask? If the eclipse aspects a planet in the birth chart, then that planet, and the house it is in, and the house it rules are all activated.

Let me give you an example. Let's say the birth chart has Venus in the sixth house. Venus rules the ninth house and the fourth house. The eclipse comes alon and lands in the 11th house, and trines Venus from there. That lasts for 5 months.

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There is a 5 month period where you could successfully begin somethin ruled by Venus, or by the 4th, 6th, 9th, or 11th house. Eclipse is in the 11th, and makin a good aspect. So you can succeed in 11th house things, like makin friends, joinin a club, social reform, astrology, and so on. Eclipse is trine Venus, so you can succeed in things like courtship, music, art, gettin some beautiful jewellery or clothing, and all of the things ruled by Venus. Venus is in the sixth, so it would be a great time to get a pet, take a course in alternative medicine, improve your efficiency, and all the positive things ruled by the sixth house.

Do the same with the 9th and 4th houses, because Venus rules them. Like spend a lot of time in Church, or start a curriculum at a University, travel to distant lands, all the 9th house stuff. Grow a garden, buy a house, begin genealogical research for 4th house, ruled by Venus in the example chart. If you use enough asteroids, plutinos, centaurs, cubewanos, and hypothetical planets, then the Solar Eclipse almost always makes a good aspect to something.

Just be aware, if it makes a simultaneous bad aspect to somethin else, one of the "big ten" planets, or the ascendant or midheaven for example, then don't use the house that the eclipse is in, only use the houses of the planets that it makes good aspects to one-degree orb. I think his name was Brian Sullivan. He may have been of Czech ancestry, I am not sure. Just kidding. Anyway, here is what he said: Check the aspects of the transiting Moon.

Check the next aspect it will make, and also the last aspect it will make before leavin the sign it is in. That tells you what day to take your action. You have already picked the 5-month period, usin the Solar Eclipse. Now this is how you pick the day within that period. I have one more rule from my own experience. I haven't tested it a whole lot, but so far it has worked every time.

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Here is the rule: Whatever planet completes the first aspect to the ascendant, in the election chart, that is goin to determine if the election is good or bad. IF the Moon's next and final aspects are good before leavin the sign it is in. So no matter how bad the chart looks, if Venus trines the ascendant, before any other planet can complete an aspect to the ascendant, then you are goin to enjoy whatever happens as a result of your election.

To find your astrological compatibility , If you are looking for tarot, free daily horoscope, free horoscope , Use The Best Astrology Software! Check it out! Click on the image! Click the image! Learn The Art Of Rectification! Niggemann won his suit because he was able to prove that the work which Rudolph was publishing was the effort of many many people working together and that Rudolph was in fact misrepresenting and altering the work of Witte and the other students including Nigemann making it conform to his own Capricornian prudery.

Witte's wife sued Rudolph to have the original wording return because she felt that his meddling and editing was making it into something that it wasn't intended to be. Niggemann was able to exploit this to win his case against Rudolph.

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Witte , author. Advocate of Uranian Astrology 'Hamburger Schule'. Special interests: rectifications, sensitive points. Committed advocate of the Uranian astrology 'Hamburger Schule'. Collaborator of A. In he founded together with Witte and Sieggruen the astrological association 'Hamburger Schule'.

He worked also as a co-author and co-editor of Wittes fundamental book 'Regelwerk der Planeten'. Since he edited and published the uranian magazine 'Hamburger Hefte'. Father of the astrologer Udo Rudolph. Advocate of Uranian astrology A. In he took over the 'Witte-Verlag' and since he worked as chief editor of the Uranian magazine 'Hamburger Hefte'.

A humanistic and positive thinker. Prominent propagator of Uranian astrology A. Witte and collaborator of the astrological magazine 'Hamburger Hefte'. Committed student and collaborator of Alfred Witte. Engaged propagator of the Uranian Astrology. Creator of the term 'Hamburger Schule'.

He postulated the 4 additional hypothetical planets Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus and Poseidon. Co-editor of the book 'Die Hamburger Astrologenschule' Enthusiastic propagator of Uranian Astrology A. Interests: mundane and political astrology. Collaborator of the astrological magazine 'Hamburger Hefte'. Colaborator of the magazine 'Astrologische Rundschau' Advocate of an esoteric and experimental astrology. Initiator of Uranian astrology.

Together with his friend and collaborator F. Sieggruen he discovered by intuition the four hypothetical planets Cupido, Hades, Zeus and Kronos. He also developed the midpoint method and the graphical planetary structures, which R. Ebertin -an early student of Witte integrated into Cosmobiology. Republishing is welcome. Please contact us.

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Some have made dictionaries of the planetary formulas, others have indexed the work of years. The work work of the Harmonic Astrology Project is an open-ended ongoing journey of discovery. Related Categories: Booklets. One of the most common questions astrologers hear is: "Who should I marry? Almost everyone is concerned about their relationships - whether romantic, parent to child, employer to employee, colleague to co-worker, child to par Introduction by Zipporah Dobyns, Ph.

D, explains background and meaning for each of the asteroids, Chiron, and Black Moon Lilith, as they are used within horoscopes. Preface by Eleanor Bach introduces the asteroids--mythology and meaning. Worried about your upcoming transits?

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Stop worrying and take charge!! Transmute your base transits into Golden Opportunities! In this little treasure of a book you'll learn the basic themes of each transiting planet and the varied ways each can manifes Writing Patterns for Analysis and Rectification. Within this book you will find a wealth of interesting astrological and spiritual topics. First among them is how an author's horoscope and birth data can be discovered through analysis of his or her pat Related Categories: Metaphysical , mythology.

Astrologer Gayle Geffner, through personal and consulting experience, worked considerably with those who suffer from attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders, ADD and ADHD, or with those who have close associates who do. She developed a sense of the What is Eight A doubled four? A double cross? Or a symbol of balance? In numerology it is a symbol of power. In astrology it is the 8th sign of Scorpio, and the 8th house of shared resources that we share in partnership.

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Eight aspects of astro Subtitled "How to Analyze Career Choices and Timing," this book, by an experienced astrological consultant who has specialized in career counseling, is a significant contribution to "how to" books about astrology. Here you will find detailed case studie Laugh while you learn astrology! Kim has written a unique, FUN book. Her colorful, humorous descriptions help you capture the e Related Categories: Beginner.

Laugh while looking ahead! Kim takes you on a unique tour of the planets - with a kit for each one. Your Mars kit includes a sword, a copy of Rambo, a Swiss army knife, a chip for your shoulder and health insurance for yourself and your victims! Related Categories: Intermediate. The Book of Jupiter provides a fresh, provocative look at the largest of the planets. Marilyn's analysis of Jupiter's connection to beliefs, values, and assumptions is a must for people wanting to create more fulfilling lives. She discusses a scientific s Covering years of major Pluto aspects with Eris, the chapters take you from one historical event to another, pointing out that the dea Related Categories: Beginner , New Books.

Most still use Ceres only in the company of her former sister asteroids, Pallas, Juno and Vesta. Why deny Ceres her elevated status? This new booklet by Simonne Murphy explores the m Chiron has been called a planetoid small planet , and an asteroid [ ] although most asteroids orbit in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. Currently, some astronomers theorize that Chiron is a former comet.

We do know that it is a small bod If you've learned from and liked Plain Vanilla, you'll also want Chocolate Sauce! This is Pat Geisler's follow up book to Plain Vanilla and has many fewer pages - only But within these pages you'll find solid information and advice based on Pat' Astrologers introduce new techniques almost as fast as the publishing houses can keep up. Usually these relate to a single natal chart or some kind of derived chart.

Two-person charts are seldom considered. Coalescent horoscopes combine two natal charts t Nuts and bolts advice on creating a professional image, setting up your office, scheduling appointments, handling fees and marketing your services. Investigation with the 90 degree dial, revised 2nd edition An Illustrated Introduction to Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology Since its original publication in , Dial Detective has become the most frequently recommended book among students, practitio Chinese Astrology for Western Astrologers This very interesting new book will tell you what your sign is and what it means.

Learn about the twelve animal signs and their hours--each sign is assigned to an hour. Six signs are for the hours from sunrise Interpretations of these two angle axes by sign, house, and aspect for individual and synastry charts. Generally, both the Antivertex and East Point function as auxiliary Ascendants - additional keys to themes of importance in our basic identity, our s How to Read Your Horoscope - Astrology Your Tool For Happiness This book will show you how to Read your horoscope, starting from the basics, Pinpoint special talents and use your hidden strengths, Recognize and resolve!

This popular and best-selling Tarot book is in an Expanded New Edition!

Marcia Masino has substantially added to her valuable question and answer section from her vast experience as a Tarot advisor and instructor. Additionally, Marcia presents an entirely Related Categories: Metaphysical , New Books. Eris is the new planet discovered in that was found to be larger than Pluto. The astronomers decided to create a new category of "dwarf planets. They then decided to promote Ceres, t With illustrations by Molly.

A Sullivan. The planets in our solar system are again talking with each other as they pass by close enough in their orbits. Each planet has a concern to express, while other planets orbiting too close to hear what was said How to make astrological predictions. Learn to interpret the signs in the heavens and take charge of your future!

Since ancient times it has been thought that the planets and stars were created as signs to help direct us along our path. Use this book t Together with the planets and the signs of the zodiac, the houses constitute the third most important element in the construction and delineation of a horoscope. Along the lines of the historical surveys of the zodiac and the planets already published in The modern pursuit of horoscopic astrology is the metamorphosis of the religion of the pagan gods; that which in antiquity was sought in the heavens as the gods of the planets has become transforned to a search for the inner, human qualities represented b Step by step "how to" on the different techniques used in composite and relationship charts Our Provocateur in unfair affairs.

When the Goddess of Discord inscribed "To the Fairest" on her apple, it was a pun exposing the other goddesses Related Categories: mythology.

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One of the most common questions asked of astrologers is "What about my love life? What do I need in a partner? Is she the one for me? Is he my soul mate? Although Venus is usually considered the most importa All the tables you need in one volume! Combine this book with any of the American Ephemeris series and you have all that Related Categories: Reference books.