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Fire represents the desire for life, the will to be and become. People with a fiery emphasis tend to be impulsive, spontaneous, creative and enthusiastic. Ideally, Fire signs serve as an inspiration to others, stimulating creative action based on high ideals. Fire can "burn itself out" when it lacks a practical outlet for its high-voltage energy. If someone is lacking in Fire, they may need to cultivate self-confidence, vitality, courage and passion. Earth represents manifestation in the physical world.

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With their feet firmly planted on terra firma, Earth people are the builders and producers of the zodiac, possessing the gift of bringing dreams into reality. Earth signs provide the physical necessities of life and establish structures and systems to increase security and comfort. Pragmatism, endurance, ambition and sensuality are typical Earth-sign qualities. In its negative expression, an unbalanced Earth emphasis can lead to materialism, greed, over-indulgence, stagnation and fear. The Earth signs get in trouble when they forget that there is more to life than the five senses, and that the inner world is as "real" as the physical plane.

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