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March Office politics really start to frazzle your nerves this month.

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You will be seeing less mature co-workers butt heads over the smallest details. Expect to find yourself complaining and venting to friends this month about all you are forced to endure at work. Key Date: Tension is worst for you on March 12th. Try to work independently as much as possible on this date. Cancel and reschedule anything important that can wait for another day. April Trouble is lurking in your friendship sector of life.

You and a close friend are not understanding each other's decisions right now. Before your judgement forces you to lose a member of your social circle, take a deep breath and try to clarify your viewpoint. Miscommunication is likely right now, and will cause some major friendship drama for some of you.


Key Date: April 4th is actually a smoother day for communication this month. If you are holding in some resentment towards a friend, this is an ideal time to try to talk and hug it out. May Your attitude leaves to be desired this month, Leo! This is especially true for the first half of the month. Everyone will think you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Plan a vacation to a far away land and try to break free of the negative mood you are forcing others to deal with.

Key Date: Travel looks optimal for you, starting as soon a May 1st. The longer you can get away from it all, the better! Your daily world will find a way to temporarily live without you. June Financial risks and opportunities are on your mind, as some big decisions need to be made.

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The timing is ideal for a major purchase, if you are considering a new home or vehicle. Just be sure to not skip reading the fine print to avoid any costly mishaps. Key Date: Your thinking ability is strongest around June 19th. If you can procrastinate a decision until this date, you may be at your sharpest at this time. Negotiations are more likely to be in your favor, as well. July You and your partner are getting along famously this month. In fact, singles and couples alike are ready to get more serious in their love lives.

Whether it is a first date or first anniversary that is approaching, you are experiencing some butterflies.

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This experience may throw you off for a moment, but you will be feeling confident again before you know it. Key Date: On July 8th, you are feeling on top of the world! This is a great time to plan a special date with a very lucky love interest or romantic partner. Written By Sonya Starr Angel Sonya has over 20 years of experience using her gifts to provide psychic guidance and advice to her clients. She really cares about her clients and often forms deep relationships with them. A reading with Sonya will give you amazing insights and clarity. Start your session for FREE 3 minutes with each new psychic you choose.

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Color: orange. Gemstome: onyx. Strengths: confident, loyal, generous. Weaknesses: vain, melodramatic, stubborn. Likes: admiration, sunshine, theatrical performances. Dislikes: menial labor, disrespect, being ignored. Famous Leo. You May also Like: How to win the heart of a Leo man. Psychics are not employees or representatives of Kasamba.

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Leo, you want romance. You NEED romance to feel alive -- it's part of your very soul!

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  8. Fortunately, the eclipses in will start to touch on your romance and social axis and there can certainly be new love on the horizon whether you're single or attached. The Lunar Eclipse on June 5 falls in your romance sector and will be opposite Venus, which will be retrograde at this time. You might have a situation where an ex wants a second chance. Regardless, Venus Retrograde from May 13 - June 25 will be a major lesson for you about the power of allowing yourself to receive love -- and to remember how much you deserve it.

    More eclipses in this area of your chart on November 30 and December 14 are likely to bring new energy into your heart space. Be open! In other news, your work life will be quite busy in as well.

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