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With a boost from Leo, you could also be feeling ready to strut your stuff into the year ahead. Swipe right to find love," Stardust encourages. You're cute and you know it. Put yourself out there! It's your season and you know how to shine — especially when you're in your element, which you will be all of Leo season. You can't help it. Defining the relationship isn't as easy as it sounds. But Leo season might help you find the words to express yourself.

Take your time! You're all about balance, and during Leo season, you might want to access this natural ability.


Think before taking the relationship to the next level," Stardust cautions. Friendships can make firm foundations for romantic relationships. But before making any moves, it could be worth it to check in with yourself and calculate the risks of moving forward. Leo is a passionate sign, sure. But you, Scorpio, wrote the book on passion. Leo season will help you find the romance in the throws of it. If you've found love, you might want to let your social media channels know. It's time to level up and balance passion with affection.

Leos have a knack for finding and honing in on that one topic of conversation that warms your heart and lights up your eyes.

Leo horoscope - Traits, dates and who are Leos most compatible with?

Leos are notorious and constantly roasted! You can also play with the vanity stereotype with small details, like wearing reflective sunglasses your Leo date can see themselves in. Ego-centric Leos can be showboats, so prepare yourself for a discussion where they come off as bragging about their biggest accomplishments in order to impress you.

If this happens, redirect the conversation to whatever gets their dopamine going.

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Ask your Leo what brings them joy, how they enjoy spending their spare time, and the ways they like to recharge at home. A conflict between the Moon and the Sun in February will affect your decision-making abilities and you'll be prone to overreacting. Having a good time will be your top priority in mid-June, but when the dazzling Sun moves to your sign at the end of July, that's when the party turns up. Whether you're single or in a relationship, your love life will be very dynamic and passionate in You can expect huge changes in your love and social lives this year. After November, Jupiter will focus on your love life, so if you're a single Leo, you're likely to meet someone with similar interests.

If you're already in a relationship, you might be thinking about starting a family this year. Just make sure to share your feelings with your partner and listen to their feelings as well in order to understand them better.

The planet of love, Venus moves into your sign in mid-June, which means that you'll have plenty of fun and romantic moments during this time. Even though many committed Leos want freedom and privacy in a relationship, don't be an egoist because this can be a huge turnoff for your partner.

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Make sure that you stay in contact with your family members and friends this year - they'll be your rock to stand on. Focus on your health this year, because if you don't, you could easily become ill.

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Therefore exercise regularly and try to have a balanced diet. Try meditation or yoga to reduce your stress levels and relieve anxiety. Your work life in will be anything but stable, but it does provide many opportunities for advancement.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Your ruling planet, the Sun will spend some time in the sign of Aries starting from March until April, which means that this is the ideal time to make positive changes to your career. You're a competitive and ambitious sign that doesn't give up easily, so take the lead and initiate a new project or ask for a raise. The planet of communication Mercury will spend time in your sign at the end of June and July, meaning that you won't be afraid to voice your opinions at work.

Even though your work life will be crazy, your cash flow will probably remain constant. If you're an organized Leo, you will have enough extra money to pay off your debts if you have any and buy all the things you wanted to buy. You're generally energetic, fun-loving, and enthusiastic sign, but this year you'll have even more energy and enthusiasm for life. In , you'll embark on a new journey and you'll be able to put your own pleasure as the center of your life.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius - your fellow Fire sign, the next twelve months will surely be intense, challenging, and full of changes that will completely transform your ego and your personal relationships. You'll be more determined to work hard to accomplish all your dreams and project that you weren't able to accomplish last year. Jupiter will bring more fun and adventure in your life in December, so you'll have a very busy social life. When it comes to romance and relationships, your love life will be better than it has been in the last few years, and it's all thanks to Jupiter.

You'll have a lot of luck in love, especially if you're a single Leo, so you'll spend a lot of time partying, dating, and exploring every romantic possibility. But even if you're married or in a long-term relationship, will bring back the spark between you and your partner. You won't have much desire to argue with your significant other, and you'll be more understanding, tolerant, patient, and you'll let the things that usually annoy you slide without complaining.

Jupiter the planet of good luck and big opportunities will meet Venus the planet of love and beauty in close conjunction on 22 January and 24 November, making both of these dates super romantic for your zodiac sign. You've been working extremely hard for the past several years, so your stress levels have been too high. However, this year you're finally realizing that without self-care, you can easily be thrown off your game. Take good care of yourself, Leo, and remember that a well-rested mind and body can accomplish great things.

From January to November, you'll be working hard and achieving your biggest dreams.

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From December 2nd, onward, your work projects and duties will expand thanks to the "great benefiter" planet, Jupiter, and you'll have increased opportunities for employment. You'll feel confident in your ability to take on different projects and endeavors, and you may even get a new job during this period of time or get promoted at your current one.

You'll find joy in your work and you'll be highly productive and creative until December This year you'll also have the opportunity to increase your income, and September and October will be the best months regarding your work and finances. In , you'll have a clear idea about your goals for this year, so despite the challenges along your path, you'll need to hold on tight until the end of the year where all your efforts will finally be recognized and rewarded. Culture Astrology is a place for astrology lovers from all around the world who fancy a good read about horoscope and astrology.

We provide a thorough insight on each of the 12 zodiac signs and we can help you understand how does horoscope affect your life. Time to connect the dots by connecting with the stars. Leo Compatibility with Other Signs Warm, positive, energetic and fun-loving, Leo is a partner who can charm literally anyone of the zodiac.

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